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Law Offices of Matthew Horeczko

Are you arrested under a DUI or drug crime charges in Long Beach or San Pedro or Los Angeles? Call me at 562-216-4454 or 310-548-3966. I will be with you to provide all legal services.

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Matthew Horeczko Legal Services

Drug Crime

You can be charged because any type of drug crime unwillingly like drug possession, Driving under influence, Drunk in public etc. Don't worry. Contact with me about your problem. I will provide perfect legal solution for you.

White Collar Crime

White Collar is a critical financial legal problem. Many people face this problem without doing it. To avoid white collar crime charge, contact with me today. I will provide full legal service to defend this charge successfully.

Sex Crime

Sex crime is a sensitive problem. When you or your friend or any family members face such a problem, you must contact with me without hesitation. I provide you 100% guarantee to discharge you from such case.


Whenever you are arrested on a felony charge or facing felony charges in court, that you need a criminal defense lawyer with the experience and skill of Matthew Horeczko. Call me now to handle your charge successfully.


Long Beach DUI Lawyer

Law Offices of Matthew M. Horeczko

Long Beach Office
180 East Ocean Boulevard
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Long Beach, CA 90802
Phone: 562-216-4454
Fax: 562-491-6562
San Pedro Office
333 West 6th Street
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Phone: 310-548-3966
Fax: 310-548-3968
Monday - Saturday 10AM - 9PM